Application Control

The simplest method of managing how an application is executed

Application management tool for banning and whitelisting active applications. Customize live sessions, record everything as it happens, and shield users from harmful malware installation.

Ensure that no unapproved applications are executed.

Uncomplicated IT management.

Several options for allowing or blocking apps

Users of App Control can approve or disapprove the execution of applications in a variety of ways, including by file path, publisher, certificate, vendor name, program name, MD5, and others. Your decision is yours.


Automatic flow of rejection or approval

Utilize default ruling to hasten the approval or denial of your application for system files. For specific users or AD groups, create or modify flows.

Two Modes Operation

Granularity in layers upon layers. Both active and passive modes of operation are used by application control. Control your user’s session directly, or let App Control do the work while you relax.


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Combining Access Governance and App Control

By integrating your App Control module with Privileged Access Management, you may speed up the execution of your session applications and provide more access governance capabilities. App Control over PAM enables highly configurable admin sessions, providing you the tools you need to defend delicate memory regions, prevent lateral network movement, and protect your company’s assets.

Long Audit Trail

A remote access tool is typically used to manipulate apps and processes. Remove the intermediary and engage in direct action. For live, rule-based monitoring, use Application Control’s passive mode or create your own rules. Your dashboard receives every bit of information that has been gathered, allowing you to evaluate session details, further modify user interaction parameters, check request logs, and more!


App and process manipulation are usually done through a remote access tool. Get rid of the middleman and leap straight into the action. Use Application Control’s passive mode for live, rule-based, monitoring or define the rules yourself. Every byte of collected info is fed directly to your dashboard, where you can review the session’s details, further adjust user interactions parameters, request logs, and more!


Improvement of Productivity

Bid adieu to out-of-date, endpoint-based solutions with confusing license options and scalability problems. Application Control will guarantee that your flows are followed across the board, providing you peace of mind and more time to concentrate on other crucial organizational facets.

Empower Any Security Software

Give people access to application execution when they need it and remove all permanent permissions. Application control also provides a complete audit record of executions that were Allowed, Blocked, and Monitored in Passive Mode.

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One One Dashboard That Controls All Of Them

Your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance can perform at their maximum potential thanks to the unified dashboard. A responsive and cohesive dashboard that combines clear graphics, simple controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, risks that have been mitigated, CVEs, and more.


Take complete control of the software that your users utilize