Privileged Access Management

PAM solution that is effective and efficient

Create fully comprehensive automated defenses using the only solution that includes PAM, zero-trust execution, and user rights de-escalation on threat detection. Put an end to insider threat once and for all by moving past outmoded rights management systems.

Manage permissions and escalate and deescalate user rights.

Automatically. In Motion. Complete Audit Trail.

Implicit faith in failsafes

You always maintain control during an enhanced session, regardless of what takes place. bringing to your attention the one and only Privileged Access Management system that, whenever a threat is discovered on the user’s device, automatically terminates the user session.

Turn on the automatic pilot

Less time is spent accepting or rejecting requests and more mobility. Right from your smartphone, from anywhere in the globe, intensify or deescalate the situation. Take control of your PAM interface to establish approval/denial processes, provide specific rights for each AD group and the escalation time, eliminate any current local admin privileges, and more.

Find and fix any vulnerabilities that may exist.

Did you know that PAM can help you eliminate vulnerabilities in your operating system and web browser? By deleting the software, all browser-specific vulnerabilities and 93% of Windows OS vulnerabilities may be fixed.

Reduce dangers and increase user productivity.

Privileged Access Management offers zero-trust execution, enables you to simply escalate user rights or file executions, and allows you to retract escalations.


Unique Solutions to Complex Issues

At its most basic, simplicity

With its sleek, lightweight UI, Privileged Access Management gives you total control over the user’s elevated session. From the dashboard or while on the road, use your mobile device to approve or refuse. Keep track of sessions, prevent system file elevation, live-cancel admin access for users, specify an escalation period, and immediately terminate system processes after a session has ended.

Increased security.

Threats from within are increasing. Use the best resources at your disposal and deal with them as you see fit. When a danger is found on a computer running with elevated rights, Privileged Access Management unlocks an additional security layer that prevents malware from spreading throughout your networks—automatic privileges removal*. Secure, prevent, and defend both the internal and external networks.

Powerful auditing tools

Tools for security audits may increase your company’s costs. With the use of comprehensive data analytics found in Heimdal®’s PAM, you may analyze events and carry out routine security audits. Get quick access to reports with lots of graphics on topics like hostname information, typical escalation time, escalated users or files, files or processes, and more.

More than rights curation

Transcend the management of access privileges. You can simply demonstrate NIST AC-5 and NIST AC-1,6 compliance with Heimdal®’s PAM, providing your clients and business partners peace of mind. Combine with Application Control for throttling of users, processes, and apps, or with Next-Gen Antivirus for an additional layer of security. There are countless options. able to handle access governance in the future.

Smart Rights
Management Is Empowered

In order to provide a true Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response (EPDR) position, Heimdal® Privileged Access Management can be integrated with other Heimdal® solutions. It streamlines and secures your rights management flows. One platform, one agent.

Securing International
Sector Leaders

Heimdal® equipped its customers with the cyber-protection tool they required to move the focus from tightened cybersecurity to rest of mind since it recognized that change is the essence of remaining on top. since 2014, assisting and responding to the demands of business leaders.



One one dashboard that controls all of them

The centralized dashboard unlocks the full potential of your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance. Crisp graphics, intuitive controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, mitigated threats, CVEs, and more conveniently stacked into a responsive and unified dashboard.


Elevate, Automate, and Control.