Endpoint Detection and Response EDR Software

We raise the bar for EDR.

With the help of Heimdal® Endpoint Detection and Response, you can respond to sophisticated malware with ease and speed thanks to its special prevention, threat-hunting, and remediation capabilities.

Key Advantages of EDR Security from Heimdal.

Monitor. Respond. Analyze.

All-encompassing security model

Fully functional cybersecurity model that gives you access to the most potent malware detection tools. You get a tiered and integrated approach to cybersecurity from our EDR technology. To safeguard your complete ecosystem, all of its parts operate in concert and make use of the intelligence offered by the other modules. a single threat-hunting, -prevention, -detection, and -response paradigm.

Less stress, more productivity

Our EDR ecosystem is based on cutting-edge technology that enables continuous prevention through DNS-based attack protection and patching, as well as a prompt reaction to advanced cyber attacks of all kinds. Without relying on specialized threat-hunting tools or analysts, locate and shut down any exploits.

Greater visibility, faster response

EDR offers higher endpoint visibility than traditional cybersecurity defense techniques like antivirus and firewalls and enables quicker attack reaction times. The EDR solution from Heimdal has exceptional prevention, hunting, and cleanup capabilities and reacts swiftly to sophisticated malware, both known and undiscovered.


Boost Endpoint Security With An Integrated Strategy

Monitor and evaluate all dangers.

Utilize sophisticated data analytics to monitor the activities of your endpoints. Respond to issues quickly by comparing your data to useful threat intelligence. As a result, you will gain from proactive IOCs and improved IOAs, as well as a special EDR capability that will let you neutralize even hidden or unidentified malware.

Prevent advanced attacks

We go above and beyond what traditional security solutions can do in order to protect your network from sophisticated cyberthreats. Utilize the advantages of intelligence driven by machine learning and AI. Just a few instances of what our EDR software can shield you from are as follows: Phishing and social engineering, advanced ransomware, insider threats, abuse of administrative powers, APTs, software exploits, brute force, DNS and DoH vulnerabilities, and any other known or unknown threats.

One agent, six solutions

Our EDR system’s technologies are all combined into a single, lightweight agent that is simple to deploy, won’t slow down your systems, and will help you save a ton of time. Enjoy endpoint protection that is completely integrated and includes a variety of cutting-edge security solutions. One answer to address every attack vector.

What our EDR Solution Contains

With Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response, your company has access to all the fundamental cybersecurity layers it needs to defend itself from both known and unidentified internet attacks as well as internal threats. Including Next-Gen Antivirus, Privileged Access Management, Application Control, Ransomware Encryption Protection, Patch & Asset Management, DNS Traffic Filtering, and threat modeling, it integrates the most cutting-edge threat-hunting technologies available. One platform, one agent.

Securing International
Sector Leaders

Resonating with our customers’ growth needs, Heimdal® has created the ultimate cybersecurity hub. Empowering top industry leaders with the tools they need to protect, defend, and track entire cybercriminal infrastructures. Shifting the focus from hunting to business growth.

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A Single Dashboard That Includes All Security Modules

Your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance can perform at their maximum potential thanks to the unified dashboard. A responsive and cohesive dashboard that combines clear graphics, simple controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, risks that have been mitigated, CVEs, and more.


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