Email Security

Solution for Email Security Protection

Office 365 support and proprietary email threat prevention are combined in a cloud and on-premises email protection solution to shield users from supply chain attacks and threats sent over email.

Excellent and Simple Email Security.

Stop phishing, ransomware, dangerous URLs, and email virus.

Filtering Spam Differently

A standard spam filter is not everything that Heimdal® Email Security is. With a system that fuses exceptional Threat Intelligence with human knowledge, enter a new era of email security and compliance.

Complete Email Security

We have you covered for both receiving and outgoing email. A set-and-forget system that keeps an eye on all of your email flows in real-time can provide you peace of mind.

Thorough Email Security

Hackers can easily conceal harmful stuff in emails. One angry user’s click is all it takes to bring down an entire structure. With confidence, secure your email accounts and servers.

Comprehensive email security

There is no requirement to hire additional email security services to safeguard your network. Office 365 security is supported by Heimdal® Email Security, which also uses a unique sophisticated threat prevention engine.


Unique Solutions to Complex Issues

Multiple Levels of Defense.

The email security your on-site and remote staff requires is provided by Heimdal® Email Security. Every email is checked for impersonation, potential data leaks, and other issues. By default, file attachments are inspected, and if the contents are flagged as suspicious, they are prohibited.

Protected Execution

There are various risks in email attachments received from outside your firm. The deep attachment scanner in Email Security makes sure that no harmful software enters your workstation.

Reporting and logging

A comprehensive email-based report that satisfies all of your reporting, compliance, and auditing needs. The Heimdal® Unified Dashboard allows you to review events that have been categorised as incidents.

Boost Any Security Program

The best features of Microsoft 365 and Heimdal®’s patented ATP engine, which closes all email detection holes to totally safeguard your infrastructure against email-delivered attacks, are combined in Heimdal® Email Security, an outright electronic mail security solution.

Securing International
Industry Leaders

Heimdal® equipped its customers with the cyber-protection tool they required to move the focus from tightened cybersecurity to rest of mind since it recognized that change is the essence of remaining on top. since 2014, assisting and responding to the demands of business leaders.

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One one dashboard that controls all of them

For both cloud-based services and on-premises services, Heimdal® Email Security is a simple-to-use, highly effective email security solution. While ATP can protect you from the most cutting-edge email threats, the 365 offering will provide you with all you need to do email security.


Open any email attachment and click any link with confidence

Protect your workers from any email threats, wherever you are and at any time.