Threat Prevention Network

Network Perimeter DNS Security

Track down, stop, identify, and address any network and IoT threats. You can reliably control your BYOD governance and secure all of your users’ devices with Heimdal® Threat Prevention – Network.

Today, stop the threats of tomorrow.

Not only on your endpoints, but also on any additional hardware.

Coverage of Every Device

With a comprehensive solution that covers your entire business ecosystem, regain your peace of mind. BYODs, IoTs, and all other devices connected to the network of your business should be protected and maintained.

Maximum Network Logging

Utilize the logging feature of Threat Prevention-Network to keep track of network traffic activity. Discover what’s going on and stop threats before they reach your endpoints.

Making Threat Hunting Simple

Threat Prevention – Network may be set up quickly and without the need to install any additional software. Bid adieu to challenging threat-hunting systems that produced meager results and had no upscaling factor.

Protecting not just the endpoints, but the entire ecosystem.

Heimdal Threat Prevention – Network offers you specialized threat hunting and complete network visibility. Regardless of the device or operating system, A to Z protection. In both on-premises and cloud-based systems, hybrid DNS gives you the ability to encrypt traffic locally on any DNS server without having to divert to our resolvers.


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Unleash extensive threat-hunting abilities.

Use an AI-powered highly intelligent threat detection system in conjunction with a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS).

Enabling thorough detection and action.

Threat Prevention – Network makes use of Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) to provide greater security against harmful activity, enabling your IT administrators to find, categorize, and remove unauthorized apps from your cloud environment.

Excellent rates of detection and prediction

With a 96% accuracy in detecting and foreseeing upcoming assaults, you can hunt down, stop, detect, and respond to endpoint, network, and IoT threats.

Boost Any Security Program

In order to provide an authentic Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response (EPDR) position, Heimdal® Threat Prevention – Network can be added to any antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection system, or intrusion prevention system (IPS). One platform, one agent.

Securing International
Sector Leaders

Heimdal® helps customers to concentrate on what they do best—their businesses—by using a unique approach to cybersecurity and a platform that constantly adapts and evolves by following the whereabouts of IT criminals and generating incremental intelligence.

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One one dashboard that controls all of them.

Your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance can perform at their maximum potential thanks to the unified dashboard. A responsive and unified dashboard with clear graphics, simple controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, mitigated threats, CVEs, and more.


Prevention, Detection, and Remediation Together.