Email Fraud Prevention

Preventing Fraudulent and Compromised Business Emails

You can spot and fight complex malware, CEO fraud, phishing, and business email compromise before compromise with the help of 125 analysis vectors and realtime threat intelligence.

Keep email fraud at bay

Never be concerned about fake CEOs or bogus invoices.

Retaliate Against Online Fraud

Hackers are facing off against us thanks to Heimdal® Fraud Prevention. Protect your email accounts against vendor and business email compromise assaults to regain your peace of mind.

Technologically Advanced Email Scanning.

125 analysis vectors are used to protect your corporate assets and email accounts. There are no longer any surprises in your email.

Multilingual Assistance.

Your defenses will be circumvented by hackers using a variety of techniques, including language alterations. Multiple languages are supported by Fraud Prevention by Heimdal®, improving the email change detection precision.

Reducing The Possibility Of False Threats

There is no requirement to hire additional email security services to safeguard your network. Office 365 security is supported by Heimdal® Email Security, which also uses a unique sophisticated threat prevention engine.


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

ROI will rise, BEC chances will fall

Directly lessen financial damage brought on by false invoicing. Reduce mail fraud due to CEO imposters’ damage to the brand.

Machine Meets Human Expertise

With the help of human experience combined with automatic scanning for email account breach and fraud detection, Heimdal® Fraud Prevention can spot and thwart assaults before they have a chance to harm your company.

Decrease work load

Avoid the necessity for endlessly complicated verbal and written checks with all parties involved. While it’s impossible to be too cautious, you also shouldn’t turn every operation into a bureaucratic nightmare that requires endless signoffs and double- and triple-checking of every variable.

Empower Any Security Software

In order to increase protection against CEO fraud, Business Email Compromise, phishing, and sophisticated malware, Heimdal® Email Fraud Prevention focuses on email alterations and potentially malicious email alterations with external invoice approval support through a dedicated API.

Securing International
Sector Leaders

The intelligence hub of Heimdal® serves as the first line of defense against cybercriminal assaults. Experience, knowledge, and our distinct cybersecurity vision safeguard the future of leading and expanding industry giants.

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Attacks Prevented


One One Dashboard That Controls All Of Them

Your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance can perform at their maximum potential thanks to the unified dashboard. A responsive and cohesive dashboard that combines clear graphics, simple controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, risks that have been mitigated, CVEs, and more.


Prevent financial losses due to business email compromise