Threat Prevention Endpoint

Security for Predictive Endpoint DNS

A ground-breaking DNS security solution that combines cybercrime intelligence, machine learning, and AI-based prevention to prevent future threats with remarkable accuracy can protect your hybrid workforce, whether it is on-site or distant.

Today, Stop The Threats Of Tomorrow.

Constantly in real-time.

DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic filtering

Online threats use DNS in 91% of cases. Cyberattacks that are undiscovered by typical antivirus software are stopped by Heimdal®’s Threat Prevention, which also blocks data-leaking venues. without any delays and with a small endpoint footprint.

See the future, own the present.

You can confidently own your company’s DNS governance structure and thwart all current and potential cyber-attack scenarios thanks to applied neural network modeling’s 96% accuracy in threat prediction. You maintain your lead in the field with complete assurance.

Launch original Threat Hunting

With the aid of a code-autonomous endpoint DNS threat hunting solution, you may identify malicious URLs, processes, and trace the attacker’s origins. Give your staff the right tools so they can have total visibility and control over your network and endpoints.

Plan Ahead and Not Just Deal with the Repercussions

Whether on-site or remotely, Heimdal® Threat Prevention monitors your users’ traffic in real time, blocking contaminated domains and prohibiting communication with cybercriminal infrastructures. This gives administrators complete confidence while enabling unrestricted creative and secure Internet browsing for all users. have a small impact on the system.


Unusual Solutions to Complex Issues

True DNS over HTTPS Filtering.

Utilize the actual capabilities of DNS over HTTPS traffic filtering to stop cyberattacks, hidden malware, and dangers abusing trusted tools, applications, or cloud services. Threat hunting goes beyond the restrictive DNS bounds.

Heimdal is the first company in the world to offer a system that incorporates genuine DNS over HTTPS, moving beyond the conventional rerouting of DNS packets. Threat Prevention does not tolerate hacking, regardless of the connection protocol, the industry, the profile, or the company’s level of cyberawareness.

Beyond the bounds of traditional malware detection

Take complete control of your DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS connections with the help of special ML-computed Threat Intelligence that enables you to shift away from a prevent-hunt posture and toward typical antivirus threat detection. Profit from your ability to detect threats by using Threat-to-Process correlation to identify sophisticated malware programs and compromised users. Eliminate the need to rely on subpar threat analysis tools or engage additional security experts by gaining unprecedented control over what occurs both within and outside your corporate network.

Challenge and reevaluate all you've learned about threat hunting.

Without the trouble of supporting platforms, outdated pen-testing tools, or non-GUI vulnerability assessment and mitigation tools, the best malware hunting is at your fingertips. The most recent addition to Threat Prevention – Endpoint, Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB), is made to combat insider attacks, find and destroy shadow IT instances, and any form of harmful behavior linked to compromised accounts.

Cross-compatibility with all security systems in reality

Threat Prevention is compatible with all other security solutions and can be implemented in your environment in less than an hour. It complements rather than replaces existing security measures and acts cooperatively rather than suppressively. Your most valuable assets are protected by its cloud-native Threat Intelligence, which shields against all threats from human mistake to sophisticated malware operations.

Boost Any Antivirus Program

A genuine Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response solution may be delivered by combining Heimdal® Threat Prevention with additional Heimdal products. Heimdal® Threat Prevention is compatible with and adds to any antivirus or firewall. in a single platform and agent.

Securing International
Sector Leaders

Heimdal® helps customers to concentrate on what they do best—their businesses—by using a unique approach to cybersecurity and a platform that constantly adapts and evolves by following the whereabouts of IT criminals and generating incremental intelligence.

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One Unified Dashboard To Rule Them All

The power of a single, unified dashboard.
Your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance are fully unleashed by the consolidated dashboard. A responsive and unified dashboard that easily stacks clear graphics, simple controls, security status reports that are ready for download, ROI outlooks, risks that have been mitigated, CVEs, and more.


Prevention, detection, and remediation together.