Next-Gen Antivirus, Firewall & MDM

Extended Firewall and 4-Layer Endpoint Antivirus Features

For flawless detection of advanced online threats including ransomware, covert backdoors, rootkits, brute-force attacks, and undetectable malware, NGAV + XTP + MDM are combined into one license and one console.

Outstanding Threat Detection.

Behavioral, Cloud, and Signature Scanning.

Multiple Detecting Layers

Even the most complicated attacks can be detected and mitigated with Heimdal® Security’s four perfect detection layers.

Increased Brute Force Defense

During the epidemic, attacks using brute force have increased by 400%. A notable feature of Heimdal®’s Next-Gen Antivirus is its anti-brute-force defenses, which shield you against data leaks.

Remote Device Management Using MDM

Using the Heimdal MDM panel, you can simply locate, lock, and wipe your Android devices for remote management.


Unique Solutions to Complex Issues.

Multi-stage scanning

Stage 1: The endpoint antivirus software of Heimdal® compares the suspicious file to a locally stored database.
Stage 2 entails scanning the Threat Cloud, which is a quick procedure supported by Machine-Learning algorithms.

Stages three and four require the execution of suspicious files in Heimdal®’s impenetrable sandbox environment, listening in for malicious Command & Control connections, and searching for hidden backdoors. our 100% detection rate poke and prod technique.

Manage your Mobile Device Fleet on the run

With the help of NGAV’s robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools, you can manage your mobile device fleet from any Windows-compatible computer and from any location in the world. Locate your lost smartphones with pinpoint accuracy and remotely lock or erase all stolen devices. No more lost property.

Extended Threat Protection (XTP)

The Heimdal XTP engine provides limitless levels of cutting-edge protection against even the most cunning malicious actors. It does this by arming any digital estate with evidence-based information about sophisticated cybersecurity risks, providing a holistic view of weaknesses, categorizing them on MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques, and so forth.

XTP Screen

Any Security Software Can Be Powered

To give a genuine Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response (EDR) position, NGAV + XTP with MDM can be integrated with additional Heimdal® technologies. One platform, one agent.

Securing International
Sector Leaders

The best cybersecurity hub has been developed by Heimdal® in response to the expansion requirements of our customers. providing the tools senior industry figures need to defend, track, and protect whole infrastructures used by cybercriminals. changing the emphasis from hunting to economic expansion.

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One one dashboard that controls all of them.

Unlock all of your advanced antivirus’s capabilities, including firewall administration, USB device control, and several scanning modes.


Remediation That Takes Little Work